The UI Digest is a project of the Michigan Law Unemployment Insurance Clinic (UIC) and maintained by students at the University of Michigan Law School under direction of UIC faculty.

The UI Digest is an updated version of the Michigan Unemployment Board of Review Digest. The Board of Review Digest was maintained for years by the Michigan Board of Review: a state entity whose members are appointed by the Governor to take appeals from administrative law judge hearings in UI cases. The Governor replaced the Board of Review  with the Michigan Compensation Appellate Commission in 2012.

The Board of Review stopped updating their Digest in 2004.  In order to preserve this valuable, one-of-kind resource the UIC decided to launch our own online digest in 2013. In addition to updated content, we added links to the full text of the digest decisions which were missing from the original Board of Review Digest. We pulled most of the digest posts from the old digest verbatim and added links to the full text of the cases.  We have also added many cases decided since the old digest was last updated in 2004.

We are grateful to Doug Daligga (then Director of the Board of Review) who provided us paper copies of  many of the unpublished digest cases archived at the Board of Review. We then converted them to pdfs and uploaded them to our digest site.

We don’t have a foolproof way of tracking down all the unpublished cases that are worth digesting. So if you come across a decision that isn’t in the digest please email the digest editors.

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